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At the end of 2006 Deutsche Telekom was working on its revolutionary city space hotspots project. Our task was to design a portal for the trial project of public hotspots in Berlin. The system was equipped with billing and access systems designed by HCL – an Indian IT giant. Not only were we happy to work for a major client, but also we got a chance to cooperate with a serious partner since the project was conducted by the two companies. PiDi was responsible for front-end solutions. HLC programmers realized more deeply woven areas of the project, so those connected with the suitable equipment, database users structure, hotspots and billing information.

In order to establish successful cooperation with Deutsche Telekom and HCL we organized a number of brainstorming sessions in Berlin. Later, we remotely communicated with both with the use of teleconferences. Apart from classic functionalities available for all visitors our original portal solution includes back-end integration in the field of displaying and managing various data. The front-end functionalities include mechanisms for users’ profiles management, hotspots owners and a certain group of data collected directly from the portal. We also proposed stunning graphic solutions used not only in the online service centre but also in the real world. After several years from the project implementation Deutsche Telekom or T-Mobile hotspots became regular elements of public landscapes, and we fondly remember our first major client every time we lay eyes on the distinctive pink colour.



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