E-COP Ltd.

The E-COP stock company is yet another example of PiDi support for start-up projects. The very name of the company derives from an English expression: electronic policeman. Our client’s main objective was to create an online video surveillance platform, which would allow every household to improve their safety by the use of simple tools – a computer and an online video cam. We cooperated with Panoko Ltd. to create a website and built-in online store for E-COP. We also implemented a panel for customers, where users could view their camera monitoring and commission further surveillance. The client provided an application which was installed for the final user and software for the server processing the video surveillance from the cameras.

The software we used for the website and online store was CMS supported with WordPress and suitable plug-ins. Thanks to this solution the client received a user-friendly administration panel and a useful sales tool which is focused around chief functionalities. Thanks to the integration with Przelewy24 online payment system, E-COP customers can buy an pay for the services on-line. We created the customer panel from scratch. The final user can use the panel to watch live camera views, commission further surveillance, configure cameras and pay his subscription for the service.



Our clients

  • Studio BB
  • Leopard Automobile
  • D.J. Tuning
  • Abra
  • Steve
  • Northern Ireland Water