EASY stationary is another Brand by Spokey company – a manufacturer of sports equipment popular in Poland and the rest of Europe. Spokey entered the market of stationary.

We were assigned a task of visually refreshing and modernizing the existing EASY website. The site fulfilled two major functions: company’s presentation and providing service for business clients. We didn’t have to set up a new solution but only take a look at the existing one. It turned out that the engine for EASY’s website was the old, slightly modified version of the engine Spokey previously used. We decided to modify the new engine in such a way so that it could work for EASY.

After having implemented the functional changes we sat to draw up a new project for content structure which was expected to be more useful. The next step was designing a new layout – long-lastingly discussed with the marketing department and company’s management. Eventually, we altered the whole visual layer, which improved the availability of the site, its flexibility and usefulness. The implementation went smoothly without interference with the company’s operations, nor were any trainings necessary. Thanks to the implementation of the newer engine used also by Spokey it is now easier to upgrade both of them in the case of implementing changes in one of them.

The cooperation with Spokey brand and EASY has not came to an end with these projects. We are still consulting, upgrading and implementing new solutions. Thanks to the trust we gained we gladly cooperate with the main brand which is written about separately.

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On behalf of Spokey Ltd. I have the pleasure of expressing our positive opinion about the current cooperation with the PIDI design and project team. (…)The greatest qualities of PIDI are their profound substantial and design knowledge, which was displayed on every stage of our cooperation. (…) Regardless of obstacles appearing during the realization of the project, the staff of designers and programmers presented their creativity and professional approach.

Alicja Karp marketing specialist
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