FACE is the chief brand of KOOKE Design – a youth wear manufacturer. Apart from supplying their own shops, the brand also distributes clothes for various multi-brand stores in Poland and abroad. Our task included establishing the online sales system which would be compatible with internal processes and IT systems existing in the company. Additionally, we were asked to design a system for corporate customer service, that would facilitate placing wholesale orders and boost retail.

We build a system consisting of an online store and an integrator of the existing storage and sales systems. Due to the elaborate offer we had to automate and personalize the process of store base power supply. Thanks to the intelligent identification of products and their classification according to their symbols we enabled effective online sales without interfering with ongoing processes of design, logistics and wholesales.

Corporate clients received a system where they can issue discount vouchers for their customers, place orders, and access various information about the FACE brand. The discount vouchers system is integrated with the FACE online store, thanks to which customers can purchase products with discounts and business partners still receive their commissions. The store’s graphics was specifically designed to match the image of the newest collection.



Our clients

  • Fight-Clubs Ltd.
  • Kolorowe Emocje
  • SPOKEY Ltd.
  • Studio BB
  • EASY Stationery
  • Deutsche Telekom AG