Fight-Clubs Ltd.

The cooperation with the Fight-Clubs team began in 2010, during which time our client received financial support from Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Operational Programme – Innovative Economy to realize the idea of creating a martial arts web portal. The idea consisted of three parts: an informational website, a social network and a diet solution service for athletes.

We commenced the work with the biggest challenge – the online application for a diet selection. Our principle was to automate the process of meals’ making. Basing on the knowledge provided by our client we were able to design a unique algorithm of matching the user’s energy needs with particular meals. Thanks to technology used, we can instantly match the diet accordingly to the progress made by the user. The progress is being measured on a weekly basis.

The administrators of the application use the panel for meals’ management, which allows them to define the basic meal compositions and provides detailed information about the nutritional value of particular dishes. Thanks to this, the online application is constantly updated with new meals, which arises interest among its users. However, if somebody is not happy with the system’s propositions they can alter the whole dish or particular ingredients, the system will see to appropriate quantities so that the daily energy balance remains optimal.

The users of the diet system are also welcome to use the planning of training option and extensive knowledge compendium. The more is known about planned physical activities, the better calories adjustment according to the needs. After filling in the necessary data, all one needs to do is to have a look at available meals, adjust them to one’s preferences, print out a weekly shopping list, and lose weight healthily.

Another part of the solution is the Fight-Clubs informational portal, where the user can find useful information about martial arts. The solution is extremely popular with a high number of everyday users. The last part of the solution is the social networking Fight-Clubs webpage. The objective of this service was to create communication means through which members of martial arts clubs nationwide could exchange info about competitions, events and use the discussion forum. The users can also publish pictures and share links to videos available on the Web.

While implementing this project we had the chance to thoroughly discuss ideas and technical sides of proposed solutions. We designed the original and unique algorithm for generating diets, and came up with practical solutions for developing the service by introducing means for effective content publishing. The result of such approach was a yearlong cooperation between PiDi and Fight-Clubs.

Z zespołem Fight-Clubs rozpoczęliśmy pracę w roku 2010. W tym czasie nasz klient pozyskał z działania 8.1 Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka fundusze na realizację pomysłu portalu dla osób zainteresowanych sztukami walki. Pomysł składał się z trzech części: wortalu informacyjnego, serwisu społecznościowego i serwisu z dietami dostosowanymi dla sportowców.



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