Grupa Teatralna “Bez Paniki”

Bez Paniki

The „Bez Paniki” theatrical group was established in 2007. It gathers students and people with multiple interests who enjoy a good fun and are fascinated with the theatre. The development of the group is connected with their performance called “Maszynopis” and the first award it received from the Rozrywka Theatre in Chorzow during their first Entrée called “Obserwatorium Artystyczne”. The award won in the competition was a six-month residence in the theatre which finished with the production of “Bierzcie i Jedzcie” play, regularly staged in the Rozrywka Theatre.

In the case of such groups as “Bez Paniki” the most important is the website integrated with a blog, where the group can publish info about their achievements and plans. The maintenance of the theatre which cannot afford their own seat requires constant contact with the theatre-going public. We fulfilled that requirement, which can be proved by the still existing website and a large circle of audience.



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