The popularity of dance schools was definitely boosted by “The Dancing with the Stars” TV programme. However, SZOK, The Gliwice Dance and Sport Association has earned its reputation due to magnificent dance achievements since 1995! Despite its leading position on the local market SZOK was using a website with poor functionality, resembling a discussion forum and a shout box, where everyone could publish anything without registration or content administration and management. There was a strong and large community of people for whom the site constituted an important source of information and a platform on which they could exchange their thoughts and share their interest.

The works commenced with numerous meetings, during which the structure of otherwise chaotic content was established. Existing users’ needs occurred to be the most significant, however we strongly pointed out the feasibility of developing the site into a useful promotional tool. Our main objective, therefore, was to join both crucial aspects of its existence: providing service for current members and presenting the offer to future clients. The discussion forum was separated from the main page, which fulfills all the needs with the use of independent functionalities. We created a completely manageable dance classes schedule and a service for finding dance partners. We also designed the system for managing dance competitions with participants registration tool and a practical tool for participants’ lists generating. The equally important aspect was creating the visual layout of the page as a means for attracting future customers. On the one hand, the graphic design of the page ought to be the showpiece for the members of the association, and on the other, it was supposed to be a unique design in itself. To achieve this goal we created a dance stage model in 3D technology, where one can enjoy videos of the best dance pairs’ performances produced with the aid of blue-box technology. The project proved to be a great success both in the field of providing service for a large community of members, and it became a useful tool in gaining new customers. Until this day the site remains the pride of the dance studio. Despite the fact that, the site is not technologically advanced, and was created several years ago as one of our first project, it still attracts significant interest due to its visual merits and inventive use of videos.



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  • Memobase Ltd.
  • Kolorowe Emocje
  • MiCOMP Ltd
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