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Memobase Ltd.

Memobase is an English entity that deals in industrial pictures scanning. As their main disadvantage, the company considered a lack of an online solution allowing fast and effective customer service. We had to focus on the scanning process, publishing the scanned pictures and payment for the provided service.

Memobase is a customer-friendly company. Analogue photos are picked up by a courier, then they are scanned using professional equipment and undergo the process of preliminary enhancement. At this stage a client decides which pictures they would like to receive in high definition in a digital form. It is also possible for the customer to order additional enhancement of the photos of his choice. Memobase also provides service of colouring black and white photos. PiDi proposed a solution which made the best use of JavaScript. The use of this script language allowed to design a useful system in which the client could pick the pictures they wanted to purchase. The whole product was integrated with the PayPal system, which provided the comfort of usage and the ability of online payment.

We also remembered about the service maintenance, which included the introduction of a lucid administrative panel for the purposes of management and money settlements. The staff received access to information about ordered photos. The process of publishing scanned pictures was thoroughly thought over, which resulted in designing another script allowing indirect synchronization of the scanned pictures with the Memobase server. Software created by PiDi was highly appreciated by the client because it allowed for high standard of customer service.



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