Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water

Thanks to a partnership agency we organized a complete multimedia project for Northern Ireland Water, the national water provider in the Republic of Ireland. The project consisted of two Flash applications. One of them was a quiz concerning the water circulation and the other – an interactive presentation about water conditions in various parts of the world.

The client provides us with company’s graphics, quiz questions and texts. We were responsible for the complete graphic design, 3D renders and employed Flash technology. It is worth mentioning that the solution was used on public touch pads. Thanks to this we could arm the application with such interesting mechanisms as returning to the basic screen in case of dropping the quiz, or a secret combination that allowed to minimize the full screen application.



Our clients

  • Martifer
  • Megiw Ltd.
  • D.J. Tuning
  • Abra
  • SPOKEY Ltd.
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