PCStore is a nationwide computer store. They specialize in medium and high class stationary computers, customized in order to achieve the best price and efficiency. The specialization in the field allows to offer the cheapest solutions on the market. PiDi has been supporting the company from the very start, beginning with creating the first online store, up to the cooperation in the field of implementing projects included in the Operational Programme – Innovative Economy implemented by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Our most recent project has been the development of the new version of computer online store.

The chief objective of the introduction of the store was to revive the image of the company and to optimize the processes within the company. Over the several years of operation the company has established their unique methods for customizing computers and customer service. The problem occurred with the three separated distribution channels:, online store, and a walk-in shop, which were operated differently. Our task was to integrate sales and provide one software to handle orders from the online store and

We considered a number of ready-made solutions and agreed upon SOTE solution which allowed us to integrate with many subjects, including Thanks to our renowned license we were enabled to intervene with the shop’s code, which enabled us to adjust some of the functions to the client’s requirements. We also designed a new layout, resulting in creating the software precisely meeting our customer’s needs. Basing on the existing store allowed us to control costs and focus on matters important for the business, instead of wasting time for reinventing the wheel. We achieved the compromise between an off-the-shelf software and a tailor-made one. Due to our philosophy, we tried to set up the online store with no time delay, so that after having consulted with the PCStore employees we received the necessary feedback. Thanks to this approach we were sure that the store will be adjusted to the company’s needs and not the other way round. We continue our cooperation, and plan other, interesting development solutions which thanks to the newest technologies can now be introduced.

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We have been cooperating with PIDI company from the very beginning. (…) The PIDI team (…) impress with their ideas and inventive solutions.The largest asset of the company is flexibility and ability to adjust the solution to the mode and methods used by their customer. (…) We will definitely continue cooperating with PIDI, which I recommend for other businesses.

Sebastian Wilk the owner of
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