Spokey is the manufacturer of sports equipment popular in Poland and the rest of Europe. We have been cooperating with the company for over a year, in which time we could get an insight into the character of the company and ongoing business processes. So far, we have been working on the separate company’s brand: EASY stationary. Eventually, the time came to freshen up the image of the first-rate Spokey brand. The company wished to present their modern approach and the state-of-art equipment more effectively. The existing page caused some confusion among the visitors. The visitors were divided into business clients and retailers. We divided content and functionalities in the similar way. The retailers received a completely new website, published on WordPress, which allows the marketing department to easily update the data, attract customers and built their relationship with the Spokey brand.

The new layout associates well with the brand and brightens up the whole page, which for visitor is extremely attractive and encourages them to deeply investigate the site, the company and its offer. We completely separated the business clients’ section, due to our customer’s guidelines, the page operates based on the previous system. Our task was to design a new interface and layout. The section for business clients is visible under a separate address, the access to which is authorized. That prevents retailers from receiving a bunch of unnecessary and incomprehensible information. The progress made by Spokey and our, so far successful cooperation results in a number of smaller projects which increase sales and optimize the operation of the company. Interactive, multimedia news sheets and a system for supporting offer submission would be good examples. The results of our efforts are the new approach to perceiving the Spokey brand, better B2C communication and the brand interest increase.

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On behalf of Spokey Ltd. I have the pleasure of expressing our positive opinion about the current cooperation with the PIDI design and project team. (…)The greatest qualities of PIDI are their profound substantial and design knowledge, which was displayed on every stage of our cooperation. (…) Regardless of obstacles appearing during the realization of the project, the staff of designers and programmers presented their creativity and professional approach.

Alicja Karp marketing specialist
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