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PIDI is a company which specializes in creating online applications. This short sentence, though true, doesn’t fully describe our approach to what we do. For us, Internet is a tool that enables companies to improve their activity in every way. Our main goal is to help your company’s operation thorough introducing IT systems, creating new IT solutions, launching new products and services, thanks to which your life will become easier. We are eager to extend our services way over the boundaries of sole IT support. For our clients, we are a partner who, not only will fulfill the task assigned, but also will engage in creative problem solving, both in the fields of IT and business processes. Thanks to this approach we built long-term relations of mutual benefit. In our projects we recognize business values to be superior to the technology. Even though, we are engineers we don’t let our fascination with new technologies to veil common sense and understanding of our clients’ business values. We consider your needs and potential to suggest the best route for your ideas’ development. We understand that your business is flexible and that needs can sometimes change during the course of the project, we are open and quick to modify the plan in such a way to reach our goal: the success of your business.


The prime value:your business

Each company is a complex organism with numerous ongoing processes. The profit depends on the effectiveness of these processes. While reconnoitering companies, we always try to notice those processes which can be improved or automated. We also try to observe business opportunities which can be successfully exploited if carefully designed IT solutions are combined with the existing business potential of our customers. Creating the necessary application is only half the battle. We are truly satisfied when the solutions implemented by us generate profit and increase the competitiveness of our clients’ businesses.


The Broad Spectrum of:solutions

Each project is created to fulfill your specific need. There are as many projects as there are needs. That is why, it is impossible to come up with a fixed solution like: online store, an application, a website. We suggest and implement comprehensive solutions. Sometimes it is enough to set up a Facebook page and application to solve your problem, other times you will need a store integrated with storage, delivery and bookkeeping systems. You might have such specific needs that ready-made solutions won’t be enough. This is not a problem since we can adjust the software, expand its functionality or create a new application to suit your requirements. All this to find an IT solution to your problem.


Openness and methodology:Communication

At the beginning of each project we are full of hope and energy, we draw up a plan and realize it regardless of obstacles. However, in the course of work there are always some unexpected circumstances. You have changed your supplier and we need to integrate your systems? You forgot to mention the crucial function of the application? You will profit by implementing the new application, even without its full functionality. It’s not a problem. Our approach to projects is highly flexible, at the beginning we create a list of functionalities that you wish to implement and we plan the initial sprint stage, which lasts about one to two weeks. Next stages are being determined in the course of the project, so there is always time to introduce some changes. Just inform us – good communication is the basis for project’s success. We will also contact you every time we need your assistance or decisions. This allows us to pass the design and implementation phases smoothly without getting lost in a dead-end.

They trust usOur clients

  • Leopard Automobile
  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Fight-Clubs Ltd.
  • FACE
  • SPOKEY Ltd.
  • Kolorowe Emocje
  • Future Processing Ltd.
  • EASY Stationery